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Hacks for the solopreneur

Are you a one man show? Then there is no doubt that you understand that challenge that faces many entrepreneurs of successfully wearing all of the hats to keep their business moving. Up until a few months ago TGAE’ Group was run and operated by our founder and CEO. Although entrepreneurship is exciting, at times […]

Digital Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business

To grow a start-up business is never been an easy job most especially because of the growing demands of technological intervention in the business world. There is no doubt why many start-up businesses are struggling to obtain evident growth in terms of their sales and marketing for profitability purposes. With this fact, it leads to […]

How to Diversify Your Social Media Strategy

Are you a business owner running a small or medium-size business? Are you trying to generate revenues at the same time increase return on your marketing investment; however, you can’t seem to achieve the results you want? The issue might depend on how you appropriately diversify your social media marketing strategy. Given that social media […]

What You Need To Know About Instagram Advertising

Social networking sites are considered to be reaching its popularity these days. There is already a fact that almost everyone has the ability of using social media due to numbers of reasons. There are many types of social networking sites and one among those would be the Instagram. This is a kind of social media […]

How to Develop and Manage Your Digital Brand

In today’s digital age it is important to develop and manage a digital brand. A digital brand is what people see, hear, feel and think about in connection with your name or business online. Branding has a huge impact of the survival and success of a company, and these days building your companies brand online is a […]

How To Win At Social Media During This Holiday Season

When it comes to have a successful holiday season, timing and execution is key. It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year!  Halloween is  around the corner and Thanksgiving will be here in a little over a month, ready or not the holiday season is creeping up on us and will be here sooner […]

How To Grow Your Brand Through Social Media

Social  media when used correctly is the perfect tool to help your brand reach its target audience and build brand awareness. If you are looking to grow your brand or just brush up on a few tools this is the perfect post for you.